Do you work from home?

Picture Credits: Pinterest

Do you work from home?  Setting up a home office was my #1 priority when I was getting ready to start my own business of home staging. I knew the importance of having a dedicated space for work to keep me organized and accomplish my tasks on time. Having a specific space for work helps to put one in a mindset to get work done on time. And now couple years later I realize another huge plus of having an allocated workspace is that I am able to leave work behind when I close the door to the office. People who work from home and do not have a dedicated workspace tend to be doing work all over the house – in the kitchen, on the couch, and probably even in bed at night.

As more and more people are working from home, either because they are self-employed or they have jobs that allow them to e-commute, they are realizing the value of having a home office.

Home offices can come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles.  Everyone’s office is organized differently depending on the nature of the work they do and the space they have to make it into a home office. But there are a few key shared elements to consider when planning your home office that can go a long way saving you time and troubles.

So first things first, have a tour around your house look for a space or a room that will offer you enough space, light and privacy. Some people spend well over 35 hours-a-week in this space, so it needs to be distraction-free and comfortable.

Investing in a standing desk can go a long way for better health and of course one cannot deny the benefits of owning a comfortable ergonomically made office chair. The space around your table and chair is also very crucial when working; the area should be spacious enough for you to move your chair in and out without getting cramped.

Desk organizers, filing cabinets and storage, can keep you from cluttering your space with papers. The last thing you want is to be searching for a specific paper or item when you are trying to meet a deadline! To keep yourself organized and focused on your work, maintain your set up by putting things back where they belong.

Giving just an extra 10 minutes to organize my stuff at the end of the day helps by preventing me from wasting time the next morning looking for documents, files, supplies, etc. It means I can start work right away and without having to deal with any frustration to ruin my morning.

And last but not the least, with my personal experience, I think every home office should include a time tracker of some sort, allowing you to work more efficiently. A good app for keeping track of time is Rescuetime. It can help you waste less time, get more done, and build better habits. The App can block distractions so that you become more focused and productive.

A clean and already organized space motivates me to start my day with a smile!

Picture Credits: Pinterest